Bodily Injury Representation
in Portsmouth, VA

Suffering bodily harm as the result of an accident or someone else’s negligence is a serious situation. Whether the damage is temporary or something you’ll live with forever, you’re owed compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and more. The only way to recover what you’re owed is to work with a personal injury law firm in Portsmouth, VA.

From medical examinations to accident reports, we comb through the data to compile a complete picture of your situation. This ensures your case is rock-solid when table negotiations or a court case begins. In either case, you’ll come out the other side with everything you’re owed for your injury.

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  • Bodily Injury

    Bodily injury cases come in all types. From auto accidents that leave you with permanent damage, to negligence cases against a neighbor or stranger, we have experience with them all.

    Our mission is simple: Understand how your injury has affected you and seek the maximum damages you’re owed. We’ll use things like medical examinations and case reports to show fault on the part of another party, explain how your injury has affected you and make the case for your settlement. Our track record of success and high settlement amounts show that our methods work!

  • Slip and Fall

    Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. An employee forgets a wet floor sign after mopping. Poor salting and shoveling leading to ice in the winter. Poor traction on stairs.

    If you’ve slipped and fallen as the result of negligent behavior—like failing to mark wet areas or salt walkways—make sure you’re getting bodily injury representation in Portsmouth, VA. Slip and fall injuries can cause lifelong complications, making it important to gauge their severity right away and seek damages to ensure you’re protected from long-term damages.

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It doesn’t matter the extent of your injury or the nature of the situation—as soon as you’re injured, contact Auto Accident Specialists Inc. We’ll help you pursue the compensation you’re owed for injuries, as well as lost wages, damaged property and much more.

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