Auto Accident Specialists, Inc. FAQ’s

Auto Accident Specialists, Inc.Being in an accident is a scary situation and can leave you feeling dazed or disoriented. You might not know what to do next or where to turn for help. Once you’ve received proper medical attention, your first call should be to an accident attorney in Portsmouth, VA. There’s a lot of work to be done to recover the damages you’re owed, and it starts with one call.

If you’re confused and have questions, Auto Accident Specialists Inc. is here to answer them. Here are a few of the most commonly-asked questions we get from our clients. If you have others, reach out to us at 757-499-4300 for assistance.

I’ve just been in an accident. What should I do?

After an auto accident, you need to make sure you, passengers and the other driver are okay. Once you do, make sure you’re calling the police to file a police report. Don’t move your cars and no one should leave the scene of the accident. Exchange insurance information while you wait for the police to arrive.

Once the police report has been filed and you’re clear to leave the scene, call an accident lawyer in Portsmouth, VA right away. We’ll be able to guide you through the next steps and make sure you’re proceeding correctly in pursuit of damages.

What’s an independent medical examination? A compulsory examination?

Both independent and compulsory medical examinations are tools used by insurance agencies to gauge the level of bodily harm caused by an accident. Almost always, the job of the examiner will be to work in favor of the insurance company—which can mean minimizing your condition. Before you go to a scheduled medical examination (independent or compulsory), make sure you speak with an attorney first.

If you have insurance, your insurance company may offer “uninsured motorist coverage.” This is meant to cover you in such a case. The difference is, instead of seeking damages from another motorist, you’ll be seeking them from your insurance company. Again, working with an attorney right after an accident is the best way to get ahead of an uninsured motorist claim.

Is it really necessary for me to call an attorney?

Yes! Insurance companies and other motorists will avoid paying you as much money as they can. Your best option for recovering the full amount you’re owed for damages, pain and suffering, lost wages and more, is a seasoned accident attorney in Portsmouth, VA.

How long will my case take?

This answer is entirely dependent on the nature of your case. Some are open and shut, taking just a few weeks to resolve. Others take months, depending on how complex it is, what level of fault is involved or if there are significant medical findings to consider.

Regardless of your case, we will strive to resolve it as expediently as we possibly can. Our goal is to minimize the stress and hassle you face, so you can get back on with your life.

Do I have to go to court?

Not at all! In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to settle out of court a majority of the time. Often, we’ll get you the settlement you deserve without having to go through the lengthy process of a court case. In the event your case does go to trial, we’ll make it as quick as possible and ensure you’re aggressively represented.